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13PC CARE KIT / GROOMING KIT-in a zipped clothe case

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-All the items in the kit are made with safe plastic and metal.
-The care kit includes:
1.Baby nail clippers/ cuter,
2.Scissors with rounded tips,
3.A wide-toothed baby-sized comb,
4. soft baby brush,
5. Digital thermometer- that is fast and accurate
6.Nasal aspirator. to clear congestion.
7.Tweezers. For pulling out splinters.
8.Baby medicine dropper,
9.Baby medicine Spoon,
10. Baby pacifier/Soother- to calm the baby.
11. Room/Baby’s bathing water thermometer,
12. Baby Soft Nail file,
13. Touch with 2 removable scoopers and 1 tweezer- helps in cleaning baby’s nose and ears.
-All this items come in a durable storage casing made of zipped clothe and silicone.


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